Alexandr Derkach

Derkach was born in 1960 in Kemerovo, Siberia, into the family of a military doctor.

His childhood was spent in different parts of the Soviet Union and he developed an interest in painting and music from an early age. (He was also keen on athletics, and at the age of sixteen Alexandr became the Soviet Union’s fastest sprinter. )

In 1983 he graduated from the Medical Institute of Chita, Siberia, and began to work as a psychiatrist.

He started painting in 1987, during his time as a military doctor in East Germany, and became the co-owner of Zabajkaljes Art Salon (Siberia) 1990-1995. He painted actively during these years, and many works from this time entered private collections as far afield as Japan, Germany and the United States.

Since 2012 Derkach has maintained a private art gallery in Kaliningrad, Russia, with his paintings being sold to international acclaim. He maintains a home on Madeira, visiting several times each year.

As an artist, Derkach is driven by a tribute to life, the colours, the light, the complexity of human soul and the mystery of being.

His highly individualistic and decorative work often shows influences of Pointillism in technique, Art Deco in design and composition and Symbolism in themes, whilst retaining elements of folklore. Here at Art Center Caravel we hold a stock of his work using both oil pastel on paper and oils on board. He eschews the drama of larger canvases and prefers to work within a smaller frame, which gives his work an intimacy, and often jewel-like qualities. His work is always warm and joyous, with more than a little romantic whimsy.

Artist's pictures