Anna Fedorova
Born March 19, 1986
Moscow, Russia
Graduated from drama school “Monoton”, then entered the Business and Design
University, the Faculty of Graphic Design.
She participated in all the art contests and won many and was close to graduating
with honours, but decided instead to follow an old dream to move to Europe. So she
left the university during the 4th semester and moved to Lisbon.
Since then Anna Fedorova has been working as an illustrator and a graphic
designer. Inspired by 20th century artists, art history museums, poetry and music,
she’s been looking for beauty in all forms, and recreates this beauty in her works.
Mainly works with graphics Anna often tends to experiment with several styles.
Each of her works has a hidden meaning and idea.
But she still considers herself to be at the beginning of a long road.

Artist's pictures