This collection of paintings in the technique serigraphs ( silkscreen) is a collaboration of two young artists. Benjamin Begin ( France-Portugal) and Christian Gold (Czech Republic). They met on Madeira and continue to work together, despite the fact that they are several thousand kilometers apart.

Benjamin BEGIN

Born on 20 05 1985, Strasbourg, France, has lived in Madeira for 10 years.

Benjamin is an autodidact who likes to try everything. Whether in his professional life with marketing, and later the web, or in art with painting then photography, he does not like to be placed in boxes. More plastician than artist, his first love was painting and graffiti.

It is by coming to Madeira that his taste for photography has been growing. Anxious to always come out of the boxes and his comfort zone, he has begun to exhibit his photographs in the form of serigraphs printed on wood. (silkscreen) and has met with some success on the island with this specialisation.

His inspirations range from Banksy to Dali, to Steve McCurry for photography.

He likes to say that he is a child of pop art, of pop culture. Rather inscribed in a modern movement, he clicks with art that questions or denounces, but which wants to be resolutely decorative at the same time.

Christian Gold

Christian Gold studied at the art atelier of Graphic Design at the Art Faculty of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Aussig, in the Czech Republic, especially tutored by Dr. Karel Míšek Ph.D., considered a master of the art of the Polish poster.

Gold has already exhibited his posters in Warsaw (Poland), Prague, Aussig, (Czech Republic) as well as in Serbia, and Mexico City as part of Atelier GD1, UJEP, during the period 2015-2017.

Gold specifically chose the medium of wood for his collection for Madeira as a nod to local traditions, and also as part of an experiment – how to make the medium of graphic design more attractive and accessible to clients used to the environment of the commercial art gallery, in an era when graphic design has become an almost exclusively digitalized process, thus undervaluing the printed form.

His first exhibition on Madeira was in August, 2017.

Artist's pictures