Christian Gold studed at the art atelier of Graphic Design at the Art Faculty of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Aussig, in the Czech Republic, especially tutored by Dr. Karel Míšek Ph.D., considered a master of the art of the Polish poster.

Gold has already exhibited his posters in Warsaw (Poland), Prague, Aussig, (Czech Republic) as well as in Serbia, and Mexico City as part of Atelier GD1, UJEP, during the period 2015-2017.

His first exhibition on Madeira was in August, 2017.

Gold utilizes and is informed by, although not exclusively, cultural material surrounding his emersion in “surfer” sub-culture of which he is an active member. This gives his collection the benefit of certain qualities of “street art”.

Gold specifically chose the medium of wood for his collection for Madeira as a nod to local traditions, and also as part of an experiment – how to make the medium of graphic design more attractive and accessible to clients used to the environment of the commercial art gallery, in an era when graphic design has become an almost exclusively digitalized process, thus undervaluing the printed form. Hence Gold experimented with chemical transfer on plywood to create this collection presented here today, and is one of only a handful of proponents willing to tackle the problems of attempting formats larger than A3. The result is actually a mix of several techniques including: sand-colours, spray, glue, acrylic and water-based markers.

Artist's pictures