Samuel Santos was born in in 1991 in Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, Portugal. Samuel has been exploring himself and the world in an endless search for explanations. The taste for drawing was an inheritance left him by his father, and that, over time, became a passion for painting in general. He also began an interest in philosophy, emotional intelligence, and human behaviour. Samuel, since childhood, has been aware of the need within himself to ask the big questions pertaining to human loneliness and isolation. Today as an adult he acknowledges the logical and rational reasons but continues to ask the questions through his art. Samuel has held several “normal” jobs and whilst embracing adulthood still wears his hood of melancholia and loneliness.

Within his artistic influences his matrices will always be Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Frida Kahlo, Hieronymus Bosch, Max Ernst, Francis Bacon, David Lynch, Charles Bukowski and Pink Floyd, But in an age of mass information and multiplicity of contents, he wishes to make a stand for traditional mediums and workmanship.

He has participated in several exhibitions of painting, competitions, illustration of books and rehabilitation projects of urban spaces (Streetart).

He hopes one day he will emerge an artist of importance, in a country where culture is no longer diminished, and until then, he continues to search a way.

Artist's pictures