Christian Gold & Benjamin Begin Collaboration

2 May - 31 May

Christian Gold (graphic artist) and Benjamin Begin (photographer) have collaborated to produce a series of serigraphs on wood panels. Begin is a new addition to the growing stable of artists being shown at Art Center Caravel in Funchal, Madeira, although Christian and his work are already known to us through his almost sell-out show in 2018.

Their work explores mostly their mutual admiration for, and interaction with, the environs of Madeira and its surfer subculture. Using a fusion of urban and street art style, each artisan piece is unique and is built up through a number of processes beginning with Begin´s original photograph, then being embellished by Gold using acrylics and spray paint, before being finally screen printed onto sheets of rough-cut virgin plywood.

The exhibition is further enhanced by a series of serigraphs produced from carefully selected images created by Christian´s girlfriend (name)……. from her work as a digital artist working with computer game design, whimsically drawing theatrically on Madeira´s, thankfully distant, pirate history.