Islands 2019

International Art Project


“Islands – 600”
600 years of the Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo
600 years of adventures and development as an isolated culture and mode of life.
600 years of Madeirense art and culture, designed for domestic consumption but appreciated far and wide.Madeira has always accepted foreign styles, techniques and become an unique art aggregator cultivated by a number of international artists, sculptors and musicians who lived or visited here.
Some of the world’s intellectual elite came here for rest, for peace, for inspiration.

The art of Madeira today – after  600 years of aggregation – keeps the treats of ancient events more than any other Portugal branch.  Today, like those ancient conquerors we discover new stars and trends, listen for the siren call of new styles and techniques, and avoid being enslaved by that dangerous Madeira leisure which has captivated so many others less purposeful.
The Art Center Caravel is proud to announce the annual exhibition project “Islands – 600”. Devoted to the ART discoveries that we make all together.

“Islands - 600”

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